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To register your firearms


Notice of transfer


Transfer of ownership of a deceased owner's firearm

Information required

During the estate settlement, the liquidator is responsible for administering the estate of the deceased person and for arranging succession. The liquidator will have to notify the Firearms Registration Service (SIAF), when appropriate, of any changes to the information provided during the application to register the firearm, especially if the place where the firearm is kept is changed during the estate settlement. These changes can be made online, with the form provided for this purpose, or by phone by contacting the SIAF.

Furthermore, when the liquidator transfers ownership of a deceased owner's firearm, he or she must make sure to have

  • A photocopy of the official document justifying the application as the liquidator of the succession, for example the will, the deed of designation of liquidation of succession, or confirmation from the Register of personal and movable real rights (RDPRM).
  • A photocopy of a certificate, of a copy of a deed, or of a valid attestation of death which will validate the death of the owner of the firearm.
  • The name and address of the new owner, i.e. the person to whom the weapon is transferred (buyer, inheritor, or acquirer).
  • The name and address of the liquidator of the succession.
  •  His or her phone number, fax number, and email address, if applicable, as well as those of the new owner.
  • The Unique Firearm Number (UFAN) of the transferred firearm.
  • The Firearm Registration Number (FARN) attributed to the deceased owner’s firearm being transferred.
  • Confirmation that the new owner holds a valid firearms license.
  • The Notice of transfer of ownership of one or more non−restricted firearms registered in Québec – Deceased person form.

The liquidator of the succession must complete the form, enclose the documents, and send everything by mail to the SIAF.

Please note that if the weapon has never been registered, the notice of transfer of ownership is not required. The new owner will simply have to apply to register his or her weapon. For more information, see the Registration section.

Confirmation of the transfer of ownership

Following transmission of the notice of transfer, a confirmation will be sent to the liquidator of the succession and to the new owner.

The new owner will, subsequently, have to apply to register the weapon that he or she just purchased.

Deadline for the transfer of ownership

The notice of transfer must be completed as soon as the liquidator of the succession transfers ownership. 

Cost of the transfer of ownership

Ownership of a firearm may be transferred free of charge.

Transmission of applications

Liquidators of the succession must mail the notice of transfer using the downloadable form  (41 Ko).

Registration of a weapon following transfer of ownership

Following the transfer, the new owner must apply to register the weapon without delay.